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Local Artist Feature: Joshua Oliveria

September 6th, 2016

The Live Artist

The orientation of the canvas, to style and color schemes are all chosen on the spot without much regard for consequences. The course the art will take is just as much of an unfolding to the artist as the crowd observing him.

While Joshua is working more and more in oils these days, acrylic remains his medium of choice for live art shows.

Q & A

What is your thought process when creating a live art piece? 

I am actually not thinking much at all, I find it limits my creativity if not total kills it all together. I work on being loose and free which allows the imagination to flow freely.

What is the largest audience you have painted in front of?

10,000 plus at the Levitate Music Festival.


What kind of response do you get from your art?

That it is disgusting, sick, that I’m on LSD or my favorite was “Your completely Out of Your Mind” — All compliments.

If the conscious mind has nothing in the subconscious to compare it too, we often shut it down and overlook what we are seeing. In other words, many run from art they cannot understand, while I enjoy running toward what is yet to be understood.


What advice can you give to inspiring artist that wants to turn their passion into profit? 

Trying to compete with other artists will stop you in your tracks. Focus that energy into “creating” the life you want not competing for what someone else has. The old gallery system is dead, if you are still following it chances are you will be poor.

  1. Continually perfect your art skill – Good art rises to the top and is more easily remembered.
  2. Become A Master Marketer – This is how untalented artists have become millionaires and why many skilled artists remain poor. Learning how to market yourself is the most valuable skill any artist can learn. The other option is to hand over half of your profits to someone else who knows how to market. Either way, marketing is a vital and continuous component to getting paid for doing what you love. It is the skill that separates the Professional Artist from the Hobby Artist in my opinion.
  3. Utilize Multiple Avenues of Art Income – Find as many different ways as you can to monetize your art, choosing avenues consistent with your brand.

What made you move to Fort Lauderdale?

Me and my business partner were looking to open a gallery lounge. We searched New York, Landsdown St in Boston, Blue back square in Connecticut. The most favorable was Fort Lauderdale. I packed Sean”s SUV with everything I owned and drove down with nowhere to stay. Living out of a hotel until things fell into place.

Artist Info

Oliveira Gallery 
3414 N Ocean Blvd. A B, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308


Instagram @artist_oliveria
Facebook @ArtistOliveira