Illusion Conquered - Limited Edition Fine Art Print - Joshua Oliveira

Illusion Conquered - Limited Edition Fine Art Print

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Limited Edition Fine Art Print Signed and Certified

You will receive a limited edition replica of an original painting on canvas.

  • Size: 17.5" high x 13" wide
  • Image: 16" high x 12" wide
  • Individually hand-signed and numbered 
  • Limited Quantity: 125 Run
  • Premium Fine Art Paper
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Thumbprint Certified
  • Artist: Joshua Oliveira


    Illusion Conquered

    The being in this image has woken up from the dream of sleep only to realize he has awakened in a plane that is also a dream. The bed and the coffin are the same where for the immortal soul for which no death exists.

    Christ consciousness arising from the heart, the dove descending from the portal at the crown. They will meet at the channel between the eyebrow to conquer the illusion.

    We will plant a tree with each limited fine art print purchased. The completion of each run will represent a small forest on the planet.